Free Prescription Printing Writing Software Bangladesh
Nowadays printing prescriptions are becoming popular. Printed prescription facilitates the patient to understand the medicine. There are many softwares on the market for writing prescriptions. First you have to consider which one is suitable for your job. If you are an MBBS / GP, you will need one type of software and if you are a dentist, you will need a different type. There are two types of software on the market, online and offline.

Write the prescription online or offline?
Internet connection is required for online software. So first check if you have high speed internet where you are practicing.
Usually you have to use online software with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. The advantage of this is portability. You can access the software from your own PC or anyone else's PC. Data is not likely to be lost as it is protected on an online server.
The big advantage of offline software is that you have complete data control. Since the database is stored on the PC, your patient information is safe with you. Another great advantage of offline prescription software is that you can open software like Microsoft Word or Excel by turning on the PC. Moreover, the speed and stability of offline software is much better. The problem with offline is that if you don't have regular database backups, you will lose patient data if the PC is damaged.

Will I use free software or premium?
Free software may not be good for professional work. Since you are using it for professional work, the software should be professional.

What are the things to keep in mind when buying software?
First we need to look at how standard the software is for use in clinical practice. Most of the software developers in Bangladesh are IT companies who are not involved in the practice themselves. So it is difficult to write a prescription with their software. For this, you must first consider whether there is any software developed by the doctor. Because that will be more practical oriented.

How much will I buy the software for?
Many sell their software at low prices. Stay away from these. Keep a budget of 5-7 thousand Tk (medium range). You will get quality software in that budget.

What are the issues to consider when buying prescription writing software?
First find out the software you are buying is one time purchase or lifetime. Many software companies have to pay monthly bills as well as purchasing software. Again, many people take charge of the new version of the original upgrade. Before buying software, make sure you know the basics and make sure it is compatible with your budget.

ZilSoft Software:
ZilSoft Prescription writing software developed by Dr. Tanzimul Islam is an MBBS doctor's app. He has been working as a freelance programmer for about 10 years. Therefore, ZilSoft is the most easy-to-use modern software in Bangladesh. You will feel comfortable just looking at the interface of the software. No additional training or tutorials are required to use it.

ZilSoft Free Edition or Paid:
ZilSoft offers 100 free prescriptions writting facilitates using their online free prescription software per month from the address If you are a new GP practitioner, you'll get free limit of 100 per month. You can use the online edition without any cost.

For professional practice, you can move to offline software. Having professional features in offline software will give you many additional options, along with customer support. You will also get regular updates.