ZilSoft Dentist PRO

ZilSoft Dentist PRO is the best dental software in Bangladesh. Currently it is difficult for dental practitioners to find a professional software. Most of the software in the market is complex to use and requires training.

Dental software is not like ordinary medicine software. Bangladeshi dental practitioners write prescriptions in the box format where C/C. O/E etc are shown in box.

ZilSoft Dentist PRO is the first dental software in Bangladesh where C/C, O/E, I/X, D/X etc are displayed in box form.

Payment management is another feature of dental software. Since the contract with the patient is for multisession, it is important to save money transactions properly. ZilSoft Dentist PRO has the opportunity to accurately store patient transaction information.

ZilSoft Dentist PRO is developed by a Doctor with help of dental community of Bangladesh. Therefore, it is most easy to use and acceptable software currently available in Bangladesh.

Dental material stock management can be done through this software. A Dentist will be able to know instantly how much material stock they have through the software which comes handy.

Dental Management This software is available in both online and offline editions. Before buying, you can check free dental software online at https://zilsoft.net Free dental software can save upto 30 prescriptions per month. The offline version of ZilSoft Dentist PRO costs Tk. 5,000. There is no monthly, annual or upgrade charge. All future updates are free. The online version can be used by paying TK. 1,000 per month.

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